Massage Therapy

Adrienne Lalanne
Tracey Stone

Adrienne R. Lalanne, LMT

Adrienne has studied the healing arts for 10 years. After experiencing directly the benefits of massage therapy she began to study Shiatsu and Acupressure at Twin Lakes College in Santa Cruz, in 1999. There she completed 500 hour program to include Swedish and Deep Tissue. In 2004 she received her BA in Dance and a minor in Holistic Health from San Francisco State University. There she studied dance medicine with well known choreographer Kathleen McCarthy, Tai Chi Chuan with the wife of Master Kuo Lienying, and Eastern Healing Perspectives with Adam Burke. The direct use of and knowledge of the body refined her kinesthetic awareness which led her to a deeper understanding of how the body works.

Throughout her studies she applied her knowledge while working at Kabuki Springs and Spa where she worked as a massage therapist for 5 years. Her next greatest teacher came in 2004 when she had the honor of working with Dr. Angela Wu known as the “Fertility Goddess” author of “Fertility Wisdom.”. For two years she studied Eastern Bodywork, Taoist healing techniques and Chinese medicine at Wu’s Healing Center.

The birth of her daughter in 2005 led her to realize the importance of massage therapy for pregnant women and infants. In 2006 she received her Advanced Pregnancy Massage Certification through Bodywork for the Childbearing Years. She completed cranio sacral therapy training and trigger points in 2007. Currently she studies a gentle effective osteopathic based therapy called ortho-bionomy. Her love of learning combined with the passion for helping others fills her massage practice with artistry and skill.


Tracey Stone, LMT
Massage Therapist

In your session experience a fusion of ancient & modern holistic healing practices. Tracey's integrative bodywork style engages muscles encouraging deep receptivity and enhancing equilibrium. Tracey weaves together anatomy, aromatherapy, intuition and elements of craniosacral therapy, deep tissue, maya abdominal therapy myofascial release, swedish and reflexology for a complete head to toe let go. Personalized complementary rituals of aromatherapy, castor oil therapy, and more are seamlessly blended into each session.

Tracey specializes in working with women throughout all phases of life, especially pregnancy. Relax like a goddess and enjoy a prenatal massage on a throne of pillows. The first part of the prenatal massage is performed belly down on a specific set of pillows also used in a chiropractic office, designed to offer comfort and safety throughout the experience. While reclining in the queen's pose (second phase of the massage) enjoy the benefits of maya abdominal therapy, which case studies have linked to shorter labors. Women with painful menses, trying to conceive and seeking post natal restoration also benefit from the nourishing remedy of maya abdominal therapy.

Tracey Stone received bodywork training from McKinnon Institute of Massage, The Arvigo Institute, and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology of Sexualities from the University of Texas at Austin. She practices at More Mojo Studios (San Francisco) & Solas Brigid Studios (Oakland) on Tuesdays, Friday & Sundays. For more information or to book an appointment e-mail or call 415.728.1728.